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Symptom List

Well, I figure there is no better way to list my symptoms than here, who knows, maybe one of you have the same problems or can put the puzze together.  I plan on printing this off and bringing it to my doctor when I get an appointment.

  • fatigue – tired all the time, even after sleeping
  • RLS – at least 3 times a week, made worse by most over the counter sleep aids
  • trouble getting to sleep- will lay in bed for hours tossing and turning, over the counter drugs wont work, see RLS problem above, have tried several prescriptions to no avail (seroquil, ambien, lunesta, etc)
  • daily headaches – range from tension to sinus to migraine depending on the day, but I get a minimum of two a day, functional, at least once every two weeks they get to bad I can’t function during.  Have built a tolerance to most.  Take a excess amount of OTC pain killers daily.
  • can not handle the heat, when I get hot I get sick to my stomach, dizzy, tired, muscle aches, etc. Not talking about extreme heat that no one likes, I get sic in regular heat, like walking around stores and such.   It should not be hot enough to make me sick.
  • Knee pain, my left knee has been hurting for years, comes in cycles, x-rays show no injury, got a test for rheumatoid arthritis but was negative.   Varies in degrees, mostly it is a dull ache but every so often it gets really bad where I can barely walk.
  • Back pain, constant, this is from 2 herniated disks and a nodule in the L3-L5 region, confirmed by CAT Scan and Xrays.  This also varies in pain degrees, same as knee pain above.  Have tried chiropractors when acute with little results.
  • Dry skin and hair, I used to never have a problem with dry skin or hair but the last 4 years or so it stays dry and itchy even with lotion and conditioner.
  • Mild case of Hidradenitis Suppurativa on upper legs, annoying and sometimes painful, not officially diagosed but as per pictures and reading this is what I have been experiencing.
  • Loss of intrest in everything. This comes and goes, I will go a few weeks where I am really into something, like painting or blogging, then out of nowhere I will completely loose intrest in everything for weeks, then all the sudden I will be back into something else for a while, and I jump in with both feet, often spending crazy amounts of money on a short lived hobby that I think I will keep.  The ‘inbetween times are usually spent being depressed and melancoly.  Part of this led doctors to believe I have Bi-Polar, tried SEVERAL medications, none of them made a diffrence at all. Eventually led to me being on 14 diffrent mental drugs and a major suicide attempt landing me in the hospital on a ventalator and dylasis. Have been off all meds since then, with no changes, but no worse either (4+ years ago)
  • kidney/flank pain – once a week or so my kidneys start to bother me, or something in the kidney region, both sides, from front to back, a throbbing pain. Drinking water makes it worse.  Sometimes affects my stomach causing naseua and cramps.
  • IUD problems, I got the Mirena almost a year ago and have since had regular cramps and mood swings. Possibly normal but worth mentioning, the pain gets intense sometimes making me double over. Have not been back to doctor since insertion. I know, stupid, I need to have it checked, possibly removed.

to be continued……

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