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Here we go again, NyQuill Dreaming

June 30, 2009

200After almost a month of not getting to sleep until well after the baby, I bought a box of NyQuill softgels. This is a big disappointment for me since I have said I would never do this again, but I HAVE to get to shands tomorrow by 9am, and if I stay up till 5 then ther is no way I will be able to function enough to get me and the baby ready in time. Soooo.. I am back on the NyQuill.

I have always had problems sleeping, and back before I got pregnant I had found a solution, a bad, unhealthy one, but a solution, NyQuill. It was one that did not make my RLS worse, and it worked, the issue comes in the amount I have to take, one box of softgels has 10 ‘doses’ of 2 pills each, but in order to get to sleep I have to take a MINIMUM of 6 pills, for the first three or so nights, then up the dose by 2 pills a night until I finally got up to a whole box just to get sleepy. When that stopped being effective I stopped. I refused to take an ENTIRE box of NyQuill just to sleep, so I dealt with it, didn’t sleep, but I didn’t have a baby then so I could take as long as I needed to sleep and sleep all day.

Now my day starts at the same time regardless of how long it took me to get to sleep, and I have been dealing, but after 2 weeks of trying to get to shands in the mornings when I have access to the car and failing, I have to relent to NyQuill, at least by doing this I can hopefully get to the doctor and get this problem fixed for good.

Especially since I got a letter from the disability lawyers today. They have my case in appeals, waiting on a court case, I only got denied disability the first time because I did not have enough medical paperwork – no insurance. But now in appeals waiting on a court date, I HAVE to get to a doctor before then, and according to them, within 30 days or they are dropping my case. I have been diagnosed with BiPolar and PTSD, and have not been able to work in over 5 years, so I am highly eligible for disability, and the medicaid to get treatment that goes with it. But it is like a vicious cycle, in order to get on disability you have to proove it through a doctor, multiple doctors- BUT you cant work, so getting insurance is impossible, so getting to a doctor is impossible. It sucks.

I fought applying for disability for so long, I didn’t want to do it, but after the last few attempts at jobs and the horrible failures (including the army!) I was convinced that I needed to do SOMETHING. If it were only that I couldn’t work it would be one thing, but it is getting to where I can’t function, the depression and sleep issues are controlling my life and I am so worried about the next 5 years.

Can’t think about that now, I have to stay positive and PRAY that tomorrow goes well and I can get into a doctor soon. This has got to work. I need something to make this all better, and soon.

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  1. July 8, 2009 5:45 pm

    Your blog seems to be about health and set in Jacksonville. I’m the health reporter with the Times-Union. Just wanted to send you my best and good luck with getting fixed up. Feel free to give me a holler whenever/if ever you like.


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