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The Mommy Confessions – Scheduling Fail

June 26, 2009

mommyconfessionsThe Mommy Confessions if a great meme started by Victoria at Life Starring the Kids and Me, it is a place for mommy’s to share something about the way they think or feel that they might feel badly about- so you can read other mom’s confessions and not feel so bad about yourself, we are not alone!

The biggest problem I have with my daughter is scheduling, that is not her fault, she couldn’t be a better baby, but somehow I really really suck at sticking to a schedule. I am fairly certain that at 10 months old a baby should be taking about 2 naps a day and sleeping at night from about 9pm-7am right? I also know that I have freedom here, I am a stay at home mom that HATES mornings, really really hates them. So me and my daughter sleep in till about 9am, but because of that the rest of the day is a mess! I am lucky to get the basics done daily, let alone extras!

We get up and play for about an hour, me drinking my coffee on the floor with her clapping and playing with me, just like me, she has never liked eating first thing in the morning, so I usually feed her about an hour after she wakes up, about now she starts wanting a nap, but is not tired enough to REALLY take one, so she eats, takes a bottle and has a power nap usually consisting of just long enough for me to pick up the living room… back to play and watching sprout, then at about noon she is tired again and I spend- I kid you not- at LEAST an hour, usually more, trying to get her to sleep. A battle of the wills! She sleeps till about 2 and gets up, plays, fusses, watched TV, and so on.

About 5 she gets tired again, this is where it gets messy, if it takes more than an hour to get her to sleep then she sleeps till 8pm, at least, which I dont want, because then she is up till midnight before even considering sleeping again, and both hubby and I are EXAUSTED, but it always takes hours to get her down for her second nap so we are stuck on this cycle.

I need a coach, a trainer, someone to come to the house and tell me what to do and when. There have been days where we go three-four days in a row with no bath because we have spent every free moment trying to get her to sleep or eat or anything and I am just exhausted. She sleeps from about 12am to 4am gets up for a bottle and back down till about 9am. HELP!!

I have tried putting her down awake and she just screams forever, no chance of that working. It is insane how much I suck at this mommy thing. I can’t seem to get it right, and the house is NEVER clean, and I am NEVER in the ‘mood’ and dinner is never on time and I fear that she is really suffering because of this. We have GOT to figure this out. I think monday morning I am going to switch it up and start a new schedule, get up earlier, go to bed sooner, better naps, letting her try to figure out how to put herself to sleep, etc. Any good resources for training a mommy to do this?

Whats your confession this week?

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  1. June 26, 2009 6:12 pm

    Hang in there. It is not easy, I am not one for schedules. My first son was ok with that, I let him do what his body needed and it worked. He ate when he wanted, slept when he wanted and so on. But my 2nd and 3rd do better on a mommy made schedule, it was hard but we did it. Whatever works for the both of you, is what is right.

  2. June 26, 2009 7:45 pm

    Sleep depravation is a major thing in my house! My oldest has never been a good sleeper. My son was and still kind of is but wakes up super early. My youngest…well she is a sleep-aholic! She will take a 4+ hour nap and then sleep 12-14 hours at night! Wish I could sleep like that! My oldest still has night terrors and sleep walks sometimes so mommmy doesn’t always get good sleep. Hope it gets better for ya! πŸ˜‰

  3. June 27, 2009 1:32 pm

    maybe routines would work better for you than schedules. one of the things i love about being at home is that i dont have to stick to a strict schedule. and maybe, instead of putting her down at 12 when she gets a little tired try keeping her up another hour. that might also help the *takes an hour to get her down for another nap at 2. maybe it will help the later nap too. idk. just ideas πŸ˜‰

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