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No Shands Yet

June 24, 2009
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Well, the last few days were rough, I planned on going to the shands place to apply for the free medical card on Tuesday but monday night the baby was sick, so we got NO sleep, so when the time came to take hubby to work I just couldn’t do it. Then this morning the alarm did not go off so hubby had to rush and we coulnd’t go. Hopefully tommorow. Good news though, I found out the income requirements, they are 200% over federal poverty level, so about 36690, and from my figures we are at about 28900 GROSS, only about 25400 NET. So we should qualify. I plan on going up friday after our appointment. Crossing my fingers!!

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  1. January 25, 2010 4:05 pm

    I need a medical card to afford my medication for mental disability,postraumatic disorder,severe anxiety,and deep deppression.I also suffer from epilepsy.Its been a struggle for me.I was doing good until I got kidnapped and rapped.I need my medicine to keep my anxiety down and deppression I dont want to leave my apartment.I have to physhatrist but its hard to pay the coy pay I am only 29 I was in Medical School before I got assualted.I had to fly here to Jacksonvilee in a wheelcgair to be with my mom who is a single parent and struggling herself.I dont know how to go about this and I reallt need guidence and answers to help me get the proper care I need.This card will help me with medication and continue councling.Thanks for hearing my story ,,hae a blessed day

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